Plant a tree!

On Monday the whole school got to  plant a tree.We had to bring a pound to plant a tree.It was FUN! Calum took these great pictures and we made them into a video using Animoto.

by Calum and Sam!


5 thoughts on “Plant a tree!

  1. Hi, my name is Ariel I live in Canada. Our teacher Mr.Pepper signed your class up for the 2009 blogging compitition to and it’s helped me alot with my learning skills and I would love to finally get my first visiter to comment on my post’s!
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  2. Hi im Emma-jane Wilson you have a very good blog and i think all the stuff you have been doing is very exciting. I went to carronshore primary and now im in larbert high school

  3. Hello im chloe bryson i am now i s1 i miss this school very much i love all the teachers and miss the helper verry much the head teacher was the best love you akll very much xx miss you hundreds

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