A Wonderful Afternoon!

This afternoon I met up with KimP and her HeadTeacher, Gail. We had a lovely afternoon together …. and there are plans to meet up again during their short visit to Scotland.

More posts pending 🙂


Meanwhile here’s a flavour of our lunch together today. The champagne was planned ‘virtually’ a while ago when Kim helped me with my M.Ed by agreeing to be my ‘critical friend’. I can’t thank her enough for her effort in keeping me focussed when I really struggled at the ‘last lap’ as I out of steam 🙂


 We visited the Falkirk Wheel after lunch.




7 thoughts on “A Wonderful Afternoon!

  1. Sounds like you had a good lunch. Shame about the weather later on though!

    Hopefully 5LW will get a visit from you both at some point?!

  2. Hello Cassie,

    Yes, the weather could have been better! The scenery looked lovely, though, despite the rain 🙂

    We’ll hopefully be visiting Carronshore on Friday.

    Tell 5LW to start preparing their questions for the Australian visitors 🙂

  3. Hi Margaret,

    Say hello to Kim and Gail for me. We met briefly at a conference in Sydney a couple of years or so ago, and then again at a BETT Show not long afterwards. I believe they are both going to BETT again next week, so I hope to bump into them for a chat at some point.


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