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I love the educational potential that GoAnimate offers. It’s not possible (at this time), however, to include animations in edublogs.

Access at work is also very erratic at the moment (hopefully bandwidth issues will be resolved in the future) and this has been quite disturbing as I’ve signed up to present a course on it – next Thursday. No matter where I host it online, the same problems will present themselves as it’s a ‘hit and miss’ situation.

But here’s where Smart Notebook comes in handy. I used the ‘recorder’ tool to capture the animation I made for Neil’s birthday surprise    (I know it’ll look a bit strange to ‘outsiders’ but all the scene backgrounds and the animations had my sons cracking up with laughter – and I had a genuine reason for sitting at the computer for ages getting used to the programme!)

The animation is now safely stored on my desktop and can be viewed offline (thanks to my colleague, Malcolm, for the tip).

Once I had recorded it, it was easy (and very quick) to upload it to a host site. I used this opportunity to compare 2 favourite host sites – photobucket and schooltube. The first video below is hosted on photobucket – the second one on schooltube.

As anyone using an edublogs blog knows, I’ll not be able to preview these videos until I’ve pressed the publish button – here goes 🙂Or ……

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