The World of Work series … Photography!


John came to school to talk to us about photography. Last session’s primary 7 class met John when he helped us with our Photo-a-Day project.


This year’s P7’s are going to re-start this project – and we’re in the process of electing photographers, writers and editors.

Some P7’s have been blogging about John’s visit. Anna wrote:

‘Today we had John Summers in. He is a photographer and a very good 1 at that! It was so koooooool! He let a little group go out and take pictures in the playground they were really good.I liked courtneys 1 with the sky in it and russell’s 1 when he was taking a pic of courtney  and she was taking a pic of him across the bench D I was thinking maby i could be a Fashion Photographer?Cause they are 2 of my fav i found out about photography and it was good.’

Courtney also put on a blog post. She wrote:

‘Hi today we had John in. he was talking about Photos as he is a photographer – he was nice and i was really interested as i Kinda want t be one when i’m older. I have learned sooo much …..’

He gave is a copy of a photograph he’s particularly proud of … we’ll post it tomorrow – it’s super!!

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