Scottish Poem Competition

Carronshore Primary School and Carron Primary School have a traditional ‘Scottish Poetry’ competition every year around this time. We invite the Higginsneuk Burns Club to judge the entries.

It’s always VERY tense waiting for the winning Primary School to be announced!


…………… and the winner this year was – Carron Primary School!! Well done to all of them – they were great 🙂

 Carronshore were the hosts this time and we provided some great entertainment while the judges counted up their scores. Although it’s a poetry competition, the ‘interval entertainment’ gives lots of pupils the opportunity to show off their talents.  

Aimee from Carronshore’s Primary 6W/N had the audience captivated by her fantastic dancing display!


3 thoughts on “Scottish Poem Competition

  1. Hi Mrs Vass and

    I am so sad to hear that Carronshore Primary School lost the Poetry Competition. I imagine you all done a great job, and maybe the next year Carronshore Primary wil win.

    Love From Marc xxx

  2. Thanks, Marc 🙂

    We all had a great time, anyway!

    I think it’s great that you’re still blogging – we’ll catch up with your posts when we get back to school on Tuesday. I’m sorry we missed them because of my mix-up on ‘googoe-reader’ 🙁

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