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Outdoor Maths

It was very wet and windy this morning, but last week the sun was shining! We decided to go outdoors for our maths lesson. We all had a clipboard and worksheets with questions about things we could see in the playground. Everyone in the class really enjoyed maths that day and we learned loads too!

Here is a video we made to remind us about the great time we all had learning outside. please leave a comment to let us know what you think.


4 Responses to “Outdoor Maths”

  1. cprossc says:

    awsome mayby you could make an other one

  2. John says:

    Hi Carronshore,
    It is great to get outside for maths when the weather is good.
    I love the maths ‘graffiti’ with chalk. Playgrounds can be great to write on. I’ve not tried this with maths, but my class wrote poems on our playground a few years ago.

    I wonder if there things to do in maths that are easier t odo in the playground?

    You might want to get extra clips forthe clipboard for windy days.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Hi I really like this video me and y friends play with chalk all day long in the summer writing and drawing on the drive I hope you do more videos soon

  4. Megan says:

    well done class 5s I hope you enjoyed your maths lesson outdoors!!
    Why don’t you come and have a look around our blog at 5l4.devonshireblogs.net

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